How it Works

Muteswan uses the Tor network to help make your communication anonymous. Tor bounces your internet communication through a set of relays before sending it on to its destination. Someone monitoring your traffic only sees your connection to the Tor network. They do not see with whom you are communicating.

Read more about the Tor project.

Muteswan servers run on Tor hidden services. It is easy to setup and install your own Muteswan server. This means the server can host anonymously, protecting the identity of server operators.
Messages in muteswan are encrypted. Each circle of messages has a key in the form of a QR code. When you add someone to your circle, you share this QR code with those you trust face-to-face. Once they join your circle, muteswan uses this code to encrypt and decrypt your messages. Only those who have joined this circle are able to decrypt your messages.

Technical Specification

For detailed information about the muteswan client, server, and messaging protocol, read the technical overview.

Muteswan is experimental software

We should be very clear that muteswan is experimental and we cannot yet vouch
for its security. However, we have worked hard to ensure that Muteswan is
simple to use and secure by default.