Latest builds and source code

You can test the latest versions of Muteswan without downloading the app from Google Play. If you have already installed Muteswan from Google Play, you will need to uninstall the app before you install a development version. Your Android device needs to allow installation of apps that are not on the market. This is a simple toggle in the Applications menu of the main Settings.

To install Muteswan directly:

  1. Allow non market application installs, if necessary. (Go to Settings → Applications → Unknown Source)
  2. Download the latest Muteswan.apk build using the built in web browser or simply scan this QR code to download and install it directly:
  3. Create a circle and share it with some friends.

Muteswan also requires Orbot (Tor client for Android) and Barcode Scanner. Muteswan will offer to install these dependencies from the market if they are not installed on your device so you don’t need to worry about installing them individually.

Tech/protocol overview

If you are interested in seeing how Muteswan works or would like to run your own Muteswan server check out the technical overview/ page which contains details on how the protocol and server work.

Source code

The source is available in git at:

git clone muteswan